I am writing this from Shanghai, China. Here, I have come for an international conference. I have been tracking the development of Anna episode in India. Some international intellectuals interacted with me and asked what is going on in India and who is this Anna Hazare? Is India really a very corrupt country?

As usual, today I am still pointing out that Anna Hazare has been adopting tactics of blackmailing the government by resorting to indefinite fast if the Lokpal Bill is not made as per his team's agenda or wishes. First of all, I am raising the question "who is Anna Hazare"? What is his sanctity? Is he an educationalist or an elected Member of Parliament or a chawanni cut political leader or economist or reformist, technocrat or bureaucrat? He is a social worker and that too so many accusations on him. Suddenly, by raising the issue of corruption, he has come to limelight.

The entire India has suddenly started projecting him as the "Modern Mahatama Gandhi of India" because he raised the issues of corruption. Raising the issue of corruption and dealing with it by passing Lokpal Bill as per his agenda, is not the exclusive right of Anna Hazare. Has he raised anything new on corruption in India? I have written several articles on corruption in India in last one decade e.g.:



I strongly argue that it is not Anna Hazare's exclusive right to fight corruption nor his approach is the only way to fight corruption. Tomorrow, I can also come out on the street and demand that I should be made the Prime Minister of India or the Vice-Chancellor of the University, otherwise I will go for fast unto death if my demands are not met.

His approach has been spoiling the image of India all over the world though he may be gaining support and popularity. The negative image about India has gone from New Delhi to New York and now in other parts of the world. Laws cannot be made at the behest of civil society. Civil society does not have any accountability except that they can express their view fearlessly.

Anna Hazare's approach is creating anarchy in the country. The mass andolan may create India into a banana republic. This must be stopped. No one is above law. If he does not stop his andolan then he should be prosecuted by the government for conspiring in overthrowing an elected government. He has been provoking the youth of India to get ready to go to jail. Does he know that if a youth goes to jail, he can never/ever get a government job? Anna and his team have been collecting money from the public through donations which, in the opinion of some people, may be being used to finance this andolan and to overthrow an elected government.

Already millions of productive hours of the government and the public are lost due to Anna Hazare's stir and his andolan. Many people opine that Anna lacks in understanding the constitution of the country and how laws are made. Anna underestimates the competency and knowledge of Sibal. In many occasions, I have heard Sibal and he talks sense and speaks practically. Anna and his team have been undermining the value of the Prime Minister of India that the PM should be brought under the Lokpal bill. Why? There are arguments that if the PM is arrested under Lokpal bill, there could be security concerns and threat to the country. Why should we distrust the position of PM?  By including the PM in the Lokpal bill, what Anna and his team wants to achieve?

Strangely, Kiran Bedi has been very active with Anna and in this andolan. Everyone knows that Police department is the most corrupt department in India, however, Kiran Bedi never pointed this thing in the public that how corruption can be prevented in this department despite the fact that she is an ex-cop and knows the weaknesses of this department.

Last but not the least; did any one raise the issue why government cannot accept all points of Anna for the Lokpal bill? What are the issues and practicalities involved in this? What accountability issues are involved in this? For Anna, everybody in the government is corrupt. Prime Minister has already made several announcements what measures his government is taking to prevent corruption in the government including in Judiciary.

Alone passing of Lokpal bill will not eliminate corruption from India. We should research on the main causes of increasing corruption. Increasing population is the main cause. Can't Anna call for a stop in population growth in this country? If masses are his followers, they should also follow this call. Public itself should be mentally ready not to pay bribe. Public pays bribe to buy their convenience.