Dear Nitish Sir,

Before I write a word, I must state that you are one of the very few politicians whom I admire. The way you have brought ‘hope’ to the state of Bihar is remarkable. There is a visible shift in the perception towards a Bihari elsewhere and that in itself is a big ‘achievement’. ‘Law and order’ has seen positive changes and there has been some impetus in creating infrastructure in the state known to be ‘laggard’.

I firmly believe that in days to come the cities would compete fiercely to attract and retain talents. Cities are increasingly becoming the axis of growth for any economy and it is but natural that they would compete with each other to attract business investments which will enable them to create employment and improve overall standard of life.

'Do you have the Window seat with you?' I asked the personnel manning the airline counter at the airport. 'Sorry sir. We do not have any window seats with us now.' He expressed his helplessness.

In the last two articles, I have tried to suggest a few measures which would help develop the two gateways of Patna – Patna Junction and Patna Airport in a passenger-centric manner. This article would try to explore possibilities of improving the facilities at third important gateway – Bus Terminuses.

In the previous article I had tried to put forth my vision for upgrading the neighbouring areas of Patna Junction – this article would concentrate on Patna Airport. In recent times, Patna Airport has always been in news both for good and bad reasons. Good because it ranks high among those airports which are registering maximum traffic growth; bad because it is considered as one of the riskiest airports in the country because of the short length of its runway.

'Stop being a glutton. How much would you eat? At least pay heed to the emergency call from your waistline.' I cautioned him.

'Are!! Do not stop me from eating, at least not today. I am in preparation mode.'

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