My eyes darted back to the pages which detailed an adventure of Feluda. Virat Kohli had just been removed out of the equation by a superb catch from Dilshan. I cursed myself – ‘Why did I have to watch the match so intently again?’.  I had switched my Totka (Believe me, I really do not know the English term for this word) after the fall of the master’s wicket – I would not concentrate on game but would read Feluda instead.

I have shared my grievances on the current state of the public transport in a previous article ??????? ?? ??. I believe I had raised a few pertinent questions in that article. In this article I would like to highlight another important concern for any commuter – safety (and no I am not referring to the usual law and order angle). This is important especially in the context of the reemergence of Patna as a potential growth city.

Recently I read a news article which informed about Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s desire of promoting sports culture in the state. The article even suggested that he has directed the concerned department for setting up a national level sports training institute in the state.

This is a small incident but it touched my heart. I have been quite vocal against the child labour and to my credit have done nothing except blabbering. I find this to be the best way to escape as a responsible citizen patronizing social causes.

Gust of cold wind hit us as we ventured out on our endeavour. And though we were well shielded, the assault by the cold air had an impact on our enthusiasm.

‘Let’s finish this as fast as we can and return to the warmth of our rooms’ said my companion. I nodded in agreement.

I had written this post more than a year back for my blog. There is some similarity with the new post by Rajesh Chaubeyji 'The Mindset' which made me think about sharing this one with you. I hope you would like the post. Also, I must thank Rajesh Chaubeyji for his engaging post which triggered this response from me.

It was a dull day. I could not remember the last time I felt so spiritless. Nevertheless, one has to earn his livelihood and so I dragged myself slowly to the office. ‘It’s going to be a bad day’, I thought. I was walking drearily on the pavement of the big city when suddenly a commotion sought my attention.

Before writing this article, I asked an important question to myself – Am I qualified enough to represent ‘Common Man’? Representing ‘Common Man’ has never been easy, irrespective of what Mr. R K Laxman has made you think over the years. If you do not believe me then ask either Priyadarshan or Khiladi Kumar on what went wrong with their portrayal of the ‘Common Man’ in Khatta Meetha.

Characters of movie 'Inception' have been used in this article. Like every Indian, I am hurt by the way things have been handled in the build up to the Commonwealth Games. Mismanagement and inadequate infrastructure have been the hallmark of the buildup to CWG 2010. If we cannot deliver even after spending such huge amount of money then it does not paint a good picture of India / Indians.

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