To start with, man was a hunter/gatherer and he used to traverse huge distances hunting and gathering what the land had to offer. As man learnt agriculture the requirement of land required for sustaining himself decreased sharply.

"Age is something that cannot be described in words. You have to age and then feel it" said my father with a smile. We were sitting on the lawn chitchatting. My father was very affectionate and caring. He was a man of few words but the words he uttered were often gems containing a whole thought process in them. One had to listen carefully and think deeply to catch the intended meaning.

What is IPL? This question has multiple answers – it is a business for the team owners and the goons, a well paid drama for many (God knows how many) players and entertainment for the crowds thronging the stadiums. Is IPL connected with cricket? Yes it is, just like a big budget, multi-starrer movie on cricket – good script, good direction, outcome known, comedy for some and tragedy for the rest.

Sometimes life catches you unawares and tickles you so hard you fall off your perch laughing. When it comes to comedy, real life at times far out scores the best Bollywood comedies. Let me narrate one such real life incident which happened in a remote hamlet in Champaran District of Bihar. I am not naming the place to protect the identities of the characters involved.

My nephew, daughter, and son-in-law stand on the cross-roads of their lives. Today I have some free time and want to send some suggestions to my kids. However, I am unsure whether they need my advice. As I had read somewhere, Dad’s popularity with his kids is a variable, like ‘x’ in algebra, which depends largely on how your kids view you. Here is an indicative picture:

It was a lovely morning. I started my car and was about to drive to work when the mobile phone rang. An office colleague was on the line. He started off by saying "Boss I have very bad news." I braced myself, my mind racing through a hundred things that could have gone wrong and responded "What is it?" He informed me that the son of an office colleague had just committed suicide.

I am sitting in my garden next to one of the ponds under the green canopy of trees. I watch the Koi fishes swim around. They collect around the waterfall falling from the rockery next to the pond. I marvel at their vivid colors as I throw food into the pond and watch them explode in a feeding frenzy.

When we talk about the political and social scenario in our country most people react pessimistically. Their pessimism has reached such heights that I saw very few tri-color flags hoisted by people in their homes on this Republic Day.

The shrill tunes of the phone bell drilled it’s way into the layers of my cozy, warmth induced sleep. It was like someone was throwing cold water on me, only more irritating. I tried putting a pillow over my head but my sleep had been infected by the curiosity bug.

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