Just when you thought Indian leadership could not get any worse than what it already is, comes Tirath Singh Rawat, the newest Chief Minister of Uttarkhand who, in less than two weeks of his tenure, had fired yet another head-scratching ‘fact’ when he said America had ruled India for 200 years causing immense damage to the country.

There was a time when Indira Gandhi toady and once-Bihar Governor D. K. Barua had created quite a national outcry when he made the infamous 1974 statement “India is Indira; Indira is India” as the former Prime Minister and Congress leader’s opponents regressed to clutching their pearls while condemning the level of sycophancy within the Congress party that existed at the time.

In a stark reminder of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s failed and highly-ridiculed idea of setting up ‘Charwaha’ schools in Bihar in an attempt to raise the standard of education in the state, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chowdhary said that Bihar will soon mandate mother tongue of the region as the medium of teaching in all elementary schools to give a boost to education.

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