The landslide win by TMC in the West Bengal elections unarguably proves that Mamata Banerjee has rightfully earned her position to be in power for the third term after fighting and winning the battle of her life, what can easily be termed as the most difficult poll of her political career.

This fighter woman singlehandedly fought against the formidable and battle-hardened election armies of the BJP that was personally led by the mighty Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and their entourage. She may have lost Nandigram but has won Bengal. Didi has shown us that her leg may be broken but her determination and fighting spirit isn’t.

The BJP may argue that they have substantially risen from a mere 3-4 assembly seats in 2016 to 75+ in 2021 which is a win in itself. No doubt it’s creditable but let’s recall the election images. Mamata Banerjee on a wheelchair fighting against the entire machinery of BJP put on grounds being spearheaded by the PM himself. In hindsight, it’s only natural to deduce that the BJP certainly wasn’t so invested in the state election to become a runner-up. It most definitely is a huge set-back for the BJP. It also raises questions if the Prime Minister and Home Minister should have been so personally invested in the state elections when the country is fighting the biggest medical emergency that has engulfed the entire nation. The question to them would be “was it justified?”

The result of the election also sends a message that BJP has been halted in its skated objective of making Bharat an ‘opposition-mukt’ Bharat. TMC alongside others may be on their way to form a national nucleus to combat the BJP which is the need of the hour given the fact that a healthy democracy can only exist with the presence of a strong opposition.

The election results also leave us to ponder upon the fact that Hindutva has its own limits. While the BJP put everything into this election including its autocratic central power, it failed to polarize the state. It failed to divide the state on religious lines. On the contrary, the people of Bengal have voted quite tactically making sure the minority votes weren’t divided.

Although a lot was said in the heat and dust of the elections and this election can be termed as one of the most bitterly fought elections, the results somehow are a reflection of what Bengal really stands for. It’s a state inspired by art, culture, literature, sports but certainly not religious divide. It’s worthwhile to remember the famous lines penned by Shri Rabindranath Tagore himself “Bangalir pran Bangalir mon Bangalir ghare joto bhai bon ek hok ek hok hain Bhagavan.”

The war cry of the TMC “Khela Hobe” should now turn into a victory cry “Khela Jeete Gachhe” Now that TMC under the sole leadership of Mamata Banerjee and political strategy of Prashant Kishore (I-PAC) has emerged victorious, scripting a spectacular win, one mustn’t forget that it needs to create a new narrative of governance going forward. It has to bring an end to the cut-money culture, take on its own goons and syndicates and better manage the national pandemic and environmental disasters. They must remember that this election has come at a huge cost, at the cost of lives. Only then will TMC not fail its people and their trust, and be on its way to be truly a party that may have future national imprints and ramifications.

Priyam Prasad, Sales & Social Media Enthusiast, Lifestyle Writer

Young India needs a lot of political mentoring at this stage when India lacks future leadership. Succession plans under the guidance of old veterans are 'need of the hour'. So, don't give up the idea of leadership change only in the Congress party alone but in other parties as well. All old political generation should replace them with the millennial for the millennial to save the lost cause.

Fundamental Duties were added by 42nd Amendment to the Constitution of India and it consists of only one Article - 51-A. It is basically a moral and civic duty on every citizen of the country. Fundamental Duties were recommended by Swaran Singh Committee which were constituted by Indira Gandhi.

Most of my clique comprises of women in the prime years. This is the time when our creative energies are at its peak and the forces of life strongest. Many of us are busy homemakers and while others are busy juggling home and work. While we lead diverse lives there is a commonality that I have observed, all of us feel meaningless and redundant at a certain point. What is it that makes us feel so?