Young India needs a lot of political mentoring at this stage when India lacks future leadership. Succession plans under the guidance of old veterans are 'need of the hour'. So, don't give up the idea of leadership change only in the Congress party alone but in other parties as well. All old political generation should replace them with the millennial for the millennial to save the lost cause.

Iconic leaders of the Congress Party finally manifested their dissent through a long-awaited letter asking for a change in party leadership which recently echoed in a tweet. Having done that, they brought the required political sense of responsibility that India needed long back. Incumbent Party Chief declined to continue further, citing health concerns. It took decades to muster the courage which India was whispering for quite some time.

Indian political canvas, which has changed by now, needs an immediate disruptive change to bring back the democratic politics at the center stage with the option of meaningful and relevant opposition. Regional parties are never an alternative that the Indian electorate would like to see in their choice basket. The whole of India was impatiently, waiting to see the level of patience these old iconic political stalwarts are holding and when the historical day will come. Finally, the day arrived, and the drama began.

Even thinking of leadership change was a political taboo, forget asking. In democratic India, perhaps the monarchy exists only in the Congress party structure. More than the Congress party, the country would welcome the change. No wonder if BJP and other regional party leadership also would embrace the change happily. During acute political crises, whether internal or external, the contribution of credible oppositions was missing. The strength of credible opposition brings power through conducive criticism and correct political narratives, avoiding hollow political rhetoric.

The current impasse surely will not prevail for long. The same old leadership may continue for a decade more; still, the thought of changing the guard has arrived on the horizon with a hope of new opposition political leadership.

Congress(I), which was rechristened giving up the one alphabet within parenthesis "(I)," should go through total restructuring. In case of enormous resistance to change management, the leaders advocating the change should revive the 'cow & calf' congress to avoid political brand building from scratch.

Therefore, the reincarnation of old political parties in New India might bring in fresh and young leadership with many new avenues of growth.